tBtM is internationally recognised

"totalBRAINtotalMIND publications have been downloaded from over 100 countries world wide"

tBtM is an evolving work

The evolving work, when completed, will be made up of 4 volumes:-

  • Vol.1: An Integrated Brain/Mind Architecture
  • Vol.2: Explorations of Neuropsychological Diversity
  • Vol.3: Implications for Education and Psychotherapy
  • Vol.4: Interpretations for Transpersonal Psychology

tBtM is systematic in approach, based on detailed research, and broad in application

Together, the 4 volumes will include:-

  • An exposition of a ‘homeostasis based’ logic for the integration of neurology and psychology
  • A description of neuropsychological processes in terms of systems operations and interactions
  • An interpretation of research on dream sleep in terms of homeostasis and dual processing systems
  • An exploration of neuropsychological ‘diversity’ in terms of systems operations and interactions
  • A homeostasis based perspective on mental health, and processes relevant to psychotherapy
  • A biologically grounded description of various processes relevant to transpersonal psychology


Video Introduction to totalBRAINtotalMIND


tBtM incorporates dynamic power point videos within the e-publications

Innovatively using power point videos within the e-publications, systems representations are made dynamic in order to depict: architectural evolution; control systems interactions; and, psychological process dynamics. This creative presentation feature enables a clearer and more detailed communication of complex ideas than previously possible with the static box and arrow diagrams utilised in printed books.

tBtM has extensive relevance to a range of academics, professionals, and students.

The tBtM e-publications should be of value to academic professionals working in neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, and to all students who seek an understanding of the brain or mind.

tBtM Vol.1 covers a wide range of topics:

Neurological, psychological and AI/cybernetic perspectives are presented on a wide range of ‘cognitive’ processes (taking into account their inter-relationship in terms of ‘systems-logic’, and their maturational sequence in terms of ‘neuro-logic’). The topics covered include: sensorimotor representation and processing, embodied cognition, analogical reasoning, connectionist systems, Gestalt processing, abstract representation and processing, symbol grounding, simulation, goals, motivation, emotion, automaticity, non-conscious processes, embodied self, self-awareness, self-regulation, attention, working memory, aspects of reading and writing, implicit reasoning, imagination, problem solving, intuition, and the dreaming process.

“A number of free ‘mini-papers’ pertaining to the contents of totalBRAINtotalMIND Volumes 1-4 are available here.”


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