Dr Eric J Parkins

Eric has a PhD in Engineering from Imperial College, and a PhD in Psychology from Manchester University. He has worked as a science teacher, educational psychologist, and as a lecturer at Nottingham University. He now works independently as a consulting psychologist, and divides his time between doing assessment work for various universities, lecturing, and working on his project ‘totalBRAINtotalMIND’.

“In November 1976, whilst doing post graduate studies at Oxford University, an idea took hold of me, and my first working of it was published in 1982 as ‘Brain/Mind: a description in terms of the representation and processing of information and homeostatic control’. That idea has never left me. Over the years I have continued to follow the advances of research in AI/robotics, psychology, and neuroscience (especially regarding the cerebellum). Repeatedly taking into account the new research literature, the idea has continually evolved: it has been refined; and, it has become more complex. So too, the presentation of the idea has evolved, along with advances in media technology.”

“totalBRAINtotalMIND Vol.1 ‘An Integrated Brain/Mind Architecture’, is the first of a number of e-publications, which together will constitute the culmination of my brain/mind work.”

Academic Qualifications

PhD Engineering, Imperial College, London
PhD Psychology, Manchester University
MSc Educational Psychology, Manchester University
MEd Educational Psychology, Manchester University
BSc Engineering, Imperial College, London
PG Cert. Integrative Psychotherapy, Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute
(with Derby University)
PG Cert. Education, Oxford University

Professional Qualifications

Registered Practitioner Psychologist, Health & Care Professions Council
Chartered Psychologist, British Psychological Society

Professional Memberships

Royal Society of Medicine (Regional Fellow)
British Psychological Society (Associate Fellow)
Society for Research on the Cerebellum (Member)
Transpersonal Psychology Section – British Psychological Society (Member)

Brief publications background to totalBRAINtotalMIND

Parkins, E.J. (2001) ‘Cerebellum’, and ‘Cerebrum’ Invited contributions to the ‘The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science’ 3rd. Edn. Wiley.

Parkins, E.J. (1997) Cerebellum and Cerebrum in Adaptive Control and Cognition: A Review. Biological Cybernetics, 77, 79-87.

Parkins, E.J. (1990) Equilibration, mind and brain: toward an integrated psychology. New York: Praeger. pp1-203.

Parkins, E.J. (1988) Equilibration and cognition: a review and elaboration of Piaget’s genetic epistemology. Genetic, Social and General Psychology Monographs, 114, 77‑96.

Parkins, E.J. (1982) Brain/mind: a description in terms of the representation and processing of information and homeostatic control. Published as a monograph by the author pp. 1‑96.

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